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Innovation of the year 2023 Award winner

"Nalwa's tagline, 'Never Let You Down' reflects its unwavering commitment to aircraft safety and boasts advanced propulsion systems, innovative features, and a robust design. Nalwa is designed with World’s Compact Dimensions in the five-seater category, slightly larger than an SUV, set a new standard for space efficiency.


is a patent applied, India's first 5-seater electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft developed by Nawla Aero (P) Limited in collaboration with leading international aviation companies. It ushers in the future of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) through its optimal fusion of efficiency, versatility, safety and autonomous capabilities.


The NALWA is a highly promising solution with distinct advantages over comparable aircraft. Its potential uses are diverse, ranging from military operations such as troop transport and surveillance to commercial and civil applications in transportation, delivery services, medical evacuation, tourism, and agriculture. The exceptional capabilities, coupled with its versatility and adaptability, make it a compelling choice for operators seeking a reliable and multifunctional aircraft solution.

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comercial and civil use

Air Taxi: As an air taxi, offers convenient and efficient transportation for individuals, connecting urban centers and reducing travel time.

Air Ambulance: The Medevac version, will be equipped with medical equipment and can evacuate up to two patients, providing a lifeline for medical emergencies and supporting hospitals and other medical organizations.

Air Tractor: The specialized air tractor version will be equipped with a sprayer contributes to efficient crop spraying operations, benefiting farmers and agricultural  businesses.

Courier Service: With its payload capacity, serves as a reliable courier service, transporting and delivering packages, swiftly and securely.

Tourism: Large panoramic windows enhances tourism experiences by providing aerial sightseeing opportunities. 


Supply Delivery: Capable of delivering supplies to remote locations, it facilitates the distribution of essential resources to military personnel in hard-to-reach areas or in the battlefield.

Troop Deployment: The NALWA could play a crucial role in efficiently transporting troops to strategic locations, ensuring swift and effective deployment.

Search and Rescue Support: With its maneuverability and rapid response capabilities, it provides invaluable assistance during search and rescue missions, saving lives in critical situations.

Reconnaissance Missions: Can be equipped with advanced surveillance systems to conduct essential reconnaissance operations, gathering crucial intelligence for military strategies.

Close Air Support: The NALWA can be equipped with weapons and tactical systems to offer air support to military operations, providing firepower and tactical advantage when needed.


The NALWA features a modular cabin interior that can be rapidly reconfigured to suit diverse mission requirements. This ability to customize the cabin allows the NALWA to adapt between roles like passenger transport, cargo delivery, firefighting, air ambulance, and other operations with specialized equipment.

interior design


Patent Applied technology 

The NALWA boasts impressive technical characteristics that set it apart in terms of performance, versatility, and advanced technology.

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The NALWA features compact dimensions of 7.53m x 7.15m x 2.5m (length x width x height) allowing it to access confined spaces in urban environments. It is claimed as world's smallest in this category. NALWA features a distinctive canard configuration with a forward front wing and rear closed box wing for enhanced lift, stability and control authority. The lightweight but robust airframe utilizes composite materials like carbon fiber reinforced polymer for durability and damage tolerance.

The aerodynamically sculpted fuselage is optimized for low drag across varying flight regimes. It houses a customizable 5-seat cabin with large windows for panoramic views. The landing gear consists of two main rear legs and one front nose leg for stable ground operation.

dimenssions nalwa_edited.jpg


The optimized size combined with vertical takeoff and landing capabilities enable the NALWA to operate in and out of dense city landscapes.

The aircraft's footprint is specially designed for the infrastructure requirements of smart cities while still providing a spacious 5-seat cabin and ample cargo capacity. Whether landing on building rooftops or integrating with existing heliports, the NALWA's strategic dimensions ensure seamless urban flight operations. Its compact and functional size allows it to leverage existing aviation facilities to usher in a new era of aerial mobility.



The patent applied distributed electric propulsion system employs 12 ducted electric fan units strategically positioned across the wings and fuselage. Rated at 100kW each, these pivotable fans provide both vertical lift and forward thrust by changing orientation from 0 to 90 degrees. This enables smooth transitioning between vertical takeoff/landing and efficient cruising flight.

The state-of-the-art ducted fans combine high-tech electric motors with low-noise blade designs resulting in reduced acoustic footprint. The strategic placement also contributes to augmented wing lift during forward flight.


NALWA utilizes a quadruplex redundant digital fly-by-wire flight control system with side-stick controller for pilot inputs. This is coupled with auto-stabilization and auto-pilot algorithms for ease of flight.

The navigation system features dual GPS and inertial navigation for pinpoint accuracy. The aircraft is equipped with a glass cockpit with a transparent OLED display overlaying flight data onto exterior visuals for enhanced situational awareness.



" Never Let You Down "

Safety is paramount in NALWA's design ethos. Redundant flight controls, power systems and electric fans prevent single-point failures. Parachute recovery, impact-resistant materials and fire suppression systems further augment safety. Obstacle detection and avoidance capabilities enable real-time navigation in dense environments.


The modular cabin interior allows for rapid reconfiguration to suit different missions like passenger transport, cargo delivery, firefighting, reconnaissance, air ambulance and more. Customized modules can be installed using pre-designed mounting points and electrical interfaces.

With its unique combination of innovation and functionality, NALWA promises to revolutionize electric urban air mobility. Its design pushes the boundaries of aircraft engineering to unlock the true potential of eVTOL transportation.


News and Events

drone expo.png
Nalwa Aero Private Limited has launched 1:4 scale model of Nalwa 5x eVTOL at Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai, India on 5th Oct 2023 and Awarded with the " Innovation of the Year 2023"


Invest in the Future of Urban Air Mobility

NALWA is at the forefront of the urban aerial mobility revolution. Our breakthrough eVTOL aircraft is specially designed for efficient, safe, and sustainable city flight operations.

With estimated market potential of over $1 trillion in next 10 years, our disruptive technology is positioned to transform personal air travel in the world's most congested cities.


We are currently seeking strategic investment partners and seed funding to accelerate the development and commercialization of the NALWA.

If you share our vision for accessible air transportation and green aviation, we invite you to invest in this game-changing opportunity.

Together, we can develop the NALWA into a flagship eVTOL platform and pave the way for widespread adoption of electric urban flight.

Download our presentation to learn more about NALWA and contact us. We offer attractive valuations for investors willing to support the future of mobility.


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